Piper City PLD

Library Policies

Internet and Public Access Computer Policy and Guidelines 

1.   All patrons using computers must sign in at the circulation desk and designate if the Internet will be accessed.  Patrons may use the computers for 60 minutes at a time.  If no one else is waiting for the computer, the time may be extended.
2.   Priority will be given to people needing the computers for school or business.
3.   Internet Use:  All patrons must have on file a signed Internet Usage sheet.  Patrons under the age of 18 must have BOTH an Internet Usage sheet and a Parent Permission Form for Internet Use on file.  Patrons under 14 MUST be accompanied/supervised by a parent/guardian.
4.   Only two people may be at a computer at one time.
5.   If you have a Piper City library card, you must be in good standing with the library.  Internet privileges of a library patron will be suspended for such time as the patron or any member of the patron’s household living at the patron’s address is indebted to the library as a result of damage to library property or for the failure to return any book, material or other personal property belonging to or in the custody of the library.
6.  Noisy users will be given only 1 verbal warning before being asked to leave.  Inappropriate use will result in suspension of use of the computers.  Library personnel have the right to make all decisions regarding acceptable use and any violations.  All such decisions are final.
7.   Users may not save data on the hard drives.  In order to save their information, users must bring their own flash/pen drives for storage.  The library is not responsible to damage to the flash/pen drives used on the library computers or the information saved on them.
8.  Personal software may be brought in.  No hardware may be attached to the computer.
9.  Printing costs are 5 cents/page for black copies.  Please check with librarian for color copy prices.  They vary from $.50 to $3.00

10.  Users should leave the computer settings as they are.

11.  Computers will be shut down 15 minutes before closing time.

12.  Users will be responsible for necessary skills to use the equipment.  Manuals will be provided to assist users.

13.  Online e-mail accounts will be allowed to residents and non-residents.


15.  These policies are subject to change without prior notice.